Amazing things to do with drawings from your kid

If you’re on social media (and it is 2015 after all) you might have already read about Tatsputin, a dad/artist who takes his kids drawings with him on the plane and then colours them. An endearing way to pass the time resulting in great images.

Tatsputin lighthouse

(Source: Imgur)

Tatsputin overview

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Tatsputin robot

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But despite the internet going bazooka over this guy, he is far from the only one. In fact, I found so many similar collaborations between kids and their artistic parents that I now feel extremely sorry for my kids who are stuck with a mom who can barely colour inside the lines, let alone draw something recognizable. “What’s that mom?” “It’s modern art my dear, modern art”

(Source: Ruth Oosterman)

Or how about this guy, who recreated his own childhood drawings using digital painting.

Telmo Pieper Bug

(Source: Telmo Pieper)

Telmo Pieper car

(Source: Telmo Pieper)

Ok, so drawings from kids make for great new drawings. But there is so much more you can do with that colourful painting posted on your fridge. How about turning it into a stuffed toy?

Child's own bug

(Source: Child’s Own)

Child's Own Bus driver

(Source: Child’s Own)

Of course, the great thing about this is that there is no doubt it will immediately become your childs favourite. The downside being that it will either end up grubby from all of the TLC it receives or spending most of its time in a kiddy bedroom. Probably both. So take some pictures when you take that baby out of the box because it will be the last time you will ever see it looking as good as this.

So why not take things even further? Why not turn have your child design your next piece of furniture?

‘working with a local primary school, we took an art class and gave the children a simple piece of paper with the words, ‘please draw a chair’. with a little encouragement and some coloring in pencils, the children started scribbling away their dream chair! after an hour, we had the most beautiful selection of designs that we couldn’t come close to even dreaming of.’


(Source: Designboom)

I wouldn’t stop with just a chair though. I would have my son draw a whole range of furniture. Sure, it might not always be practical to live in the fantasy of a 6-year old, but there is no way that living in a house filled with such bright and colourful furniture doesn’t bring a smile to your face.

Which brings us to the final entry for this post. Without a doubt the extremest thing anyone can ever do based on a drawing from his or her child. Build a freaking house. To be fair, this is more of a collective effort where the viewers from a Dutch tv-show for kids designed a house together. And it is everything you would expect and then some.


(Source: Klokhuis)

Klokhuishuis inside

(Source: Klokhuis)

Pretty amazing right?