Matchbox miniatures: artsy crafts on a teeny tiny scale

I stumbled upon this Etsy page today where they sell so-called matchbox miniatures, i.e. teeny tiny dollhouses that are really not good for anything useful. But hey, if you always wanted a doll house but couldn’t get one because you live in an extremely crampy studio with hardly any space to move around, then this is the solution for you!

Matchbox minitature house, Old Canberra House

(source: Etsy)

And just as I was wondering about how fascinating it is that somebody actually makes these, I discovered there is an entire community of people tinkering with matchboxes!

Matchbox minitature, Welcome Home Baby

(Source: Microminis)

It almost makes you wonder why the hell anyone would even want to use a lighter when there are people out there dying to get their hands on empty matchboxes. And it’s not just miniature houses, take a look at these matchbox people:

Matchbox people

(Source: Mai Ly Degnan)

Now you might think that fiddling on such a small scale requires more patience than the average adult can muster up, but as it turns out some people actually are brave enough to bring their kids into it. Which in itself is already worth a medal or two, plus a bonus one for the excellent outcome.

These have to be my favourites though, even if it’s just because they have a more “grown-up” feel to them.

Matchbox minitature Personalized Box Art 1

(Source: Sherry Mills)

Matchbox minitature Personalized Box Art 2

(Source: Sherry Mills)

I most admit there is something very practical about this form of artsy craft, since you can carry it with you wherever you go. But in the end I would always be afraid somebody would mistake them for plain matchboxes and discard them during a sudden urge to de-clutter. Luckily, thanks to the internet I can look at these without having to mess about with craft supplies all the while silently scolding myself for ever having attempted such an exacting project ;-)