Dreaming of Italian castles

If you are anything like me, you have probably spent more than a few hours daydreaming about what it would be like to own your own little place abroad, where you can get away from it all. And while these castles may not be little, they are certainly worthy of a day-dream, or two.

It seems that due to a number of reasons, ranging from taxes to economic troubles, many Italian families are putting their castles up for sale. In fact, Italian real estate company Lionard currently has about 70 or so breathtakingly stunning castles in their portfolio.

italian castel 1

Now this is certainly the kind of place that will make you feel like nobility right? Just imagine standing on those stairs, awaiting your friends or family. Add a butler to the picture and all that’s missing would be the title.

Italian castle 2

But if you’re looking to host a glamorous party with celebrities and such this seems more fitting. Fancy a dip in the pool George?

Italian castle 3

Of course most of these castles come with a few extra’s. Private chapels, dungeons and charming little houses like these. I can totally see myself transforming this into my own little writing space. Scribbling all day, with the occasional break to simply sit in the sun, drink lemonade and enjoy the views of my estate.

Italian castle 4

A more traditional castle, this one. Except for the ultramodern pool of course. Which seems inconveniently far away from the entrance of the castle. Still, strolling around in your bikini seems like a small price to pay to be able to call this place your home.

Italian castle 5

No need to turn anything into a writing space here, simply place a desk in that conservatory like room and you are good to go! Ahh… the novels I could write in there.

I could browse through and look at all of these castles all day. They are so gorgeous and totally have me dreaming of long summer holidays with nothing on the agenda except for “la dolce vita”. Tell me, which one takes your fancy?